Put a sock on it!

When you approach wine there are three elements you naturally look for – the colour, the smell and the taste. But we are also influenced by the label and price. However, take these elements away and we’ve been surprised by the results. On our recent Wine Exploration week we went on the hunt for great value wines from less well known vineyards.

We were staying in a gite in the heart of the Bergerac vineyards in Saussignac. Wakening to stunning views of the vines every morning we set about to visit three vineyards each day for five days – all for research purposes!


At each vineyard we very much enjoyed the basic range of wines confirming that this region really does offer EXCELLENT quality for value in the range of 5-15€.


At the end of one of our excursions and having purchased many bottles for our evening drinking pleasure, we set ourselves a test – how would we compare the wines we enjoyed that day when we couldn’t see the label.



The results were very interesting - what we had all agreed was our favourite during the day turned out to be our least favourite. Don't get us wrong, we still very much enjoyed all the wines but we were very surprised to see it come in last. Surely if we’d known what we were drinking, based on our previous judgement, we would have ranked it much higher.


Wine tasting is all down to personal taste, so the first thing to exclude is other people’s preference. Then we’d recommend with a group of friends getting your socks out and hide the bottle labels.  The extreme experience is to ask someone to poor wine in a black glass and then really let your nose and palate be the judge.


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