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This blog is my personal point of view on excellent value Bergerac wines that I have experienced. Having grown up on a vineyard in Piedmont and now living in the Dordogne region of France, I've had the opportunity to taste and visit some of the best, and also less known vineyards of these regions.  I really enjoy sharing my experiences and this blog allows you to have an insight into some of my favourites.


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Getting to know Bergerac wines

If you're exploring the Bergerac wine region be sure to understand the different appellations first.

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Pelican Air Services - now you can enjoy Bergerac wines back home

New Pelican Air Services ensures you can enjoy Bergerac wines back home.

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Reason to visit the Dordogne - Bergerac wine

Did you know that the Bergerac region is home to over 12,000 hectares of vines, 13 AOC and more than 900 wine-growers?

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Flying with wine

Lazenne have created a great solution to safely bring home wines from your holiday.

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Blind wine tasting

When you approach wine there are three elements you naturally look for – the colour, the smell and the taste. However, take these elements away and we’ve been surprised by the results.

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Put a sock on it!

When you approach wine there are three elements you naturally look for – the colour, the smell and the taste. But we are also influenced by the label and price. However, take these elements away and we’ve been surprised by the results. On our recent Wine Exploration week we went on the hunt for great value wines from less well known vineyards.

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Guest blog: We like wine, we've been drinking it for years

Three couples who have known each other for many years took the opportunity for a holiday together at a gite in the Dordogne. Here's an article one friend wrote on their 'perfect day'. 

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Understanding Bergerac wine labels

Do you know your 'Côtes de Bergerac...'  We recently challenged Max, Duck & Truffle's wine specialist to explain to us the Bergerac wine labels.

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Comparing Italian and French wines

What does an Italian sommelier think about French wines?

Max is Duck & Truffle's 'wine specialist' and in this video he compares Italian and French wines.

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Wine blog: "But I don't like Chardonnay"

Chardonnay’s – their smell is as intense as a rich red and the depth of the flavour just makes your mouth smile as the buttery yet citrus flavours slide down

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Wine blog: Bobal, oh what a find!

6˚Elemento 2013, Bobal from Spain:  "The smell is intense with great depth and the taste reminded us of the first time we tried a 2004 Barolo from Andrea Oberto".

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Wine blog: If you like the depth of Nebbiolo, you’ll love this

Malvira 2008, Langhe Nebbiolo:  "the quality of the wine vs the price is outstanding".

This Malvira is a basic Nebbiolo, costing around €12. This particular vintage still feels so young that it`s really hard to believe it’s a 2008 “basic” bottle of Nebbiolo.

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Wine blog: Every day champagne at every day prices – is it possible?

Great small Champagne producers with an amazing selection at fabulous prices.

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Wine blog: Atlantic Dry 2014, Camel Valley, Cornwall

Max reviews: Atlantic Dry, 2014, Camel Valley from Cornwall.  It's a blend of 60% bacchus, 20% reichensteiner (you may want to research these grapes) and 20% chardonnay.

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Wine blog: Chateau de Tiregand, Bergerac

Grand Millésime 2011 Pécharmant Chateau de Tiregand, Bergerac. A typical Pécharmant shouldn't be drunk young – you should be patient and let it age.  But for most of us we drink what is available and sometimes this means what we drink could be so much better!  However, this wine is very exceptional.  Drink it now and you’ll love it.  But imagine what it could taste like in five years time?

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