Sample gourmet weekend itinerary

What can you experience in the Dordogne?

Itinerary based on Ryanair flights from London Stansted to Bergerac, mid-October through end March. Weekends can be customised for Friday-Monday. Please email us to discuss.



As your morning began with an early flight, we move straight to your accommodation to check in and relax before a light lunch.


Depending on the time of year and the weather, your afternoon is either spent with a local truffle farmer who shows how the passionate dogs hunt for truffles; or we visit the "Cathedral of Crystal” Gouffre de Proumeyssac;

‘A tunnel provides easy access to this vast underground vault, whose walls are adorned with a multitude of closely-packed and exceptionally beautiful crystal formations. The 45 minute tour, led by experienced guides, will leave a lasting impression’


On the way back to your accommodation we visit Julien de Sauvignac, a Cave à Vin in Le Bugue, for wine tasting.  It’s a great opportunity to sample many of the wines this region has to offer and make new discoveries. 


Dinner is a feast of classic Périgord specialities at a traditional Auberge à la Ferme in the hills above Trémolat, renowned for its local home grown produce. 



Today we focus on the Vezere Valley, the pre-historic area in the Dordogne. After breakfast we head towards Roque St Christophe - a cliff overlooking the Vezere valley which is the remains of a troglodyte town, the largest of its type in Europe.  

A natural shelter for Neanderthal man in 50,000BC, it is almost a kilometre in length and 80 metres high. Between the 6th to 16th centuries it grew into a town and fortress with hundreds of houses and thousands of inhabitants, until in 1588 it was destroyed in the Wars of Religion. The remnants of numerous dwellings still can be visited and various reconstructions show the way of life as it was so many years ago.


A short drive continuing along the banks of the Vezere takes us to lunch at the pretty little town of St Leon sur Vezere.


Our drive back through the Vezere valley takes us to Font de Gaume, a pre-historic cave near the town of Les Eyzies de Tayac.

Discovered in 1901, this cave had been known to locals for many years but the significance of the paintings had not been recognized. Now more than 200 pre-historic wall paintings from around 17,000 BC have been discovered and it is the only site, of its kind, in France that is still open to the public. (The original Lascaux cave is now closed).


Dinner is at a local restaurant where you can enjoy amazing food combinations and local wines in the comfort of a cosy rustic French bistro.



During the truffle season we visit the St Alvere truffle market as guests of the local tourist office.

As the doors to the market open you are met with the rich earthy aroma of truffles.  Each farmer displays their truffles on white tablecloths in categories depending on their size and quality. And as guests of the tourist office, we are among the first to admire and purchase these Périgord Black Diamonds.  


Outside of the truffle season, we begin our day by visiting the medieval Chateau de la Bridoire near Bergerac.

A renovation project on a monumental scale: Chateau de la Bridoire was abandoned by its owners in the 80’s, ransacked of even its fireplaces and floorboards. The French state commandeered the Chateau and had it classified as an historical monument. But how could they ensure that it was restored correctly and not turned into a tourist complex? They approached the Guyot family, who have a history of renovating chateaux with the help of local artisans; the most famous being Le Chateau de la Ferte in the Loiret. Today the Chateau is almost complete, all with the help and hard work of volunteers. Wander around the building and its grounds and take part in medieval amusements whilst immersing yourself in 1,000 years of history.


After lunch we explore the Bergerac vineyards and enjoy wine tastings at three local Chateaux.

The Dordogne is known to millions of visitors each year for its history, natural beauty and gastronomy, but did you know that the Bergerac region is also home to over 12,000 hectares of vines, 13 AOC and more than 900 wine-growers?


Whichever gourmet weekend you select, your last dinner will be fitting for your final evening in the Dordogne.



Before your afternoon flight, spend the morning in the beautiful medieval town of Bergerac with its winding narrow lanes and wonderful architecture.

Perigord black truffles
Truffle hunting
Beef filet, foie gras and black truffle shavings
Beef filet, foie gras and black truffle shavings
La Truffiere, Tremolat
Local Auberge a la Ferme, Tremolat
French cheese
French cheese selection
Chateau Monbazillac
Chateau Monbazillac in the Bergerac vineyards

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