Dordogne Tours of Bergerac wines

Weekend wine tasting; day and half-day wine tours; or home wine tastings - we share Bergerac wines with you

Dordogne wine tours of the Bergerac vineyards

Discover the wines of Bergerac

The Dordogne is known to millions of visitors for its history, natural beauty and gastronomy, but did you know that the Bergerac region is also home to over 12,000 hectares of vines, 13 AOC and more than 900 wine-growers? 


Sometimes overshadowed by their world famous neighbours in Bordeaux, Bergerac vineyards offer great value wines of a similar quality.


But where do you start? Join us on a wine tasting weekend set in the heart of the Bergerac vineyards. Read more... 

Tailor-made wine tours

Monday to Friday, we run tailor-made day or half-day wine tours to introduce you to the spectacular wines of Bergerac.


We collect you from your accommodation (there is a charge outside of a 10km radius from Tremolat) and, whilst travelling between vineyards, we share our local knowledge and explain about the different terroirs and the rich history of the vines providing some key facts before you taste the wines.


During the day you will experience everything from the luminous Bergerac Sec to creamy Monbazillac via Pécharmant, a full bodied red. 


Full day wine tours plus lunch in the vineyards, or half-day wine tours click here.

Home wine tastings

Are you a large group of adults on holiday or holding a dinner party with friends? If you are in the Dordogne, living here or on holiday and want to explore more about Bergerac wines but getting to the vineyards is difficult, then a home wine tasting with Max, from Duck & Truffle, may be perfect for you.


Monday to Friday, 18.00-20.00, Max comes to your home (within a 10km radius from Tremolat) with eight Bergerac wine varieties plus wine glasses and some nibbles and spends 2 hours sharing his knowledge.  


For prices and group sizes, read more here...

How to book

For more information about any of our wine activities, please email Emma at or call 

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Dordogne wine tours of the Bergerac vineyards

Max's wine blog

"This blog is my personal point of view on excellent value wines that I have experienced.


Having grown up on a vineyard in Piedmont and now living in the Dordogne region of France, I've had the opportunity to taste and visit some of the best and also lesser known vineyards of these regions. I really enjoy sharing my experiences and this blog allows you to have an insight into some of my favourites". 


Read the blog...

Bergerac wines

Dordogne wine tours of the Bergerac vineyards
picture courtesy of Pays de Bergerac

Read more about the Bergerac terroirs, wine appellations and grape varieties

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Why us?

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t know every vineyard, but living here has given us the opportunity to get to know wine makers, work with many local cave à vin to try varieties and appreciate the different wines.  We are passionate about food and wine, especially local, and want to share this with you.

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