Gastronomic weekends and Dordogne wine tours

Combining local gourmet delights with the Duck & Truffle value - to share great local food and wine at reasonable prices.

Our tours aren't like 'normal' tours. We live here and love this region and we share with you our passion for the local food and wine in the Dordogne. Customised for small groups, we visit our personal favourite vineyards and restaurants - many of which you wont find in the guidebooks. Led by Max, Duck & Truffle's multi-lingual sommelier, who is a long standing local resident with a wealth of knowledge and passion for local gastronomy and history, our tours are personalised to meet individual desires.

gourmet in the Dordogne

From the gourmet delights of Michelin-starred restaurants to a feast of classic specialities at a ferme auberge, we’ve used our local knowledge of the Dordogne to bring you gastro guided weekends - sharing some of the best gourmet and wine experiences this French region has to offer. Learn more...

Bergerac wine tours in the Dordogne

We’ve researched the Bergerac vineyards to seek out the hidden wine gems. Being neighbours to Bordeaux, these vineyards are often unknown yet offer similar quality at a great value. Learn more about Bergerac wines and our tours.

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"Wonderful trip and friendly, warm and knowledgeable guides took us for a gastronomic adventure"


"Max is a fantastic guide, loads of experience [from] all over the world.  We had such an relaxing day"


"This is a MUST for anyone visiting the area who enjoys lovely wine, beautiful scenery and delicious food!"

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